Hey! I'm Amit. I have a keen interest in the human condition, and am curious about many things that are bound to be part of a far-fetched future and will be a reality soon enough. I design frameworks, brand systems and entire experiential journeys. Expansive, monumental endeavours excite me. I believe product strategy, brand positioning and user experience are just terms that skim the surface unless you live and breathe those problems. I'd love to live and breathe a challenge any day. I've solved for some interesting challenges and problem spaces before— What's on your mind? Surprise me!

Ideas are dime-a-dozen The shape of future things, emerging markets, nuggets deep within behavioral sciences are aspects I'm curious about. I write about stuff that comes to my mind. Some of it is just plain banter, some could be put to better use. Here are a few thoughts you might find interesting:

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See you around!